Twisted Beauty

The minute complexities of our world never ceases to amaze me. Unique beauty surrounds us at all times in every space. I found these simple, twisted flower petals in a flat and nearly desolate area of Wyoming. The surrounding landscape was unimpressive and yet here are these stunning closed flowers… twisted beauty.

Polemonium Confertum

This tiny cluster of delicate purple flowers is known as Polemonium Confertum. Confertum is Latin for crowded, an appropriate name if you ask me as these beautiful blooms do crowd tightly together. They are also hardy plants, only growing above 11,000′ in elevation. There range is mostly just in the high country of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Basin Columbine

I have a lot of favorite flowers, but Columbines are at the top of the list. This photo was taken at Ice Lake Basin in Colorado—a basin Columbine. This trail is still one of my favorite hikes of all time. I recommend Jake’s Ice Lake Basin trail guide so that you can plan your visit…