Polemonium Confertum

This tiny cluster of delicate purple flowers is known as Polemonium Confertum. Confertum is Latin for crowded, an appropriate name if you ask me as these beautiful blooms do crowd tightly together. They are also hardy plants, only growing above 11,000′ in elevation. There range is mostly just in the high country of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Basin Columbine

I have a lot of favorite flowers, but Columbines are at the top of the list. This photo was taken at Ice Lake Basin in Colorado—a basin Columbine. This trail is still one of my favorite hikes of all time. I recommend Jake’s Ice Lake Basin trail guide so that you can plan your visit…


I found this beautiful small cluster of Alyssum flowers in Utah. Alyssum is such a cool name for a flower. They are beautiful.

The Pistols

This is a closeup look at the minute world of a flower I found in San Francisco. I love macro photography and the way that it can show us the parts of our world, like the pistols of a flower, that we so often overlook.

Violet Stars

This is another look at the often overlooked but gorgeous Star Gentian. These violet stars are wildflowers that can be found all over Colorado’s high country.

Blue Flax

This is a North American perennial flower known as the Blue Flax, sometime referred to as the Prairie Flax. Scientific name: Linum Lewisii. I found it growing on a trail near Woodland Park, Colorado.

Pueblo Iris

The Iris has long been my favorite flower. This spectacular specimen, found in Pueblo, Colorado, really sets the bar for the beautiful flowers even higher.

Cowboy’s Delight

The Cowboy’s Delight flower… this might be the oddest common name for a flower. The scientific name is a mouth full, Spaheralcea Coccinea, so I guess Cowboy’s Delight it is. It sounds like something cowboys would have eaten for dessert. The Wild West’s version of Turkish delight. In reality, the name is thought to have…

Beauty Amongst Danger

It’s that time of year in Colorado when the desert areas become bright with cactus blooms. I found this grouping of cacti while riding my bike on the south side of Colorado Springs.

Vibrant Indian Paintbrush

It is finally summer in Colorado…well, maybe. Earlier this week we had a cold snap and it was back down into the 40’s we go. Seriously, I was wearing a sweater in late June. Global warming?… I’m just asking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think pollution is a good thing. Alas, it is summer…

Big Red Dahlia

This big red flower with a seemingly unlimited number of petals is known as a Dahlia flower. Seriously, these things are huge—about a 1′ in diameter. The vibrancy of the petals is almost overwhelming. They are stunning flowers… probably the reason why they are the national flower of Mexico.