Spider Lily

I found this Spider Lily lit up in the late afternoon light of the Royal Garden in Siem Reap, Cambodia. My wife and I had spent the day exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat and returned to our hotel. As our taxi driver dropped us off I noticed the beautiful garden located across the street…

A Garden Cluster

I found this small cluster of beautiful purplish flowers along a trail in the Garden of the Gods park last July. In my haste, I almost passed it by and in truth I had. I missed it when I passed it the first time while hiking up to the rock formation known as the Siamese…


Happy Chinese New Year! This breathtaking burst of color is a Peony flower. It’s considered by many of China’s citizens to be their national flower. At best, it’s an unofficial title as the People’s Republic of China has no official national flower. I found this nearly perfect bloom while exploring one of the islands near Hong Kong.

Star Gentian

This gorgeous Star Gentian flower is often overlooked next to other more vibrant flowers in the alpine areas around Colorado. I found this picturesque example of the small violet flower on the Beaver Creek Trail as my wife and I were hiking up to the Turquoise Lakes.

Earina Autumnalis

The Earina Autumnalis is a very small Orchid found in the New Zealand archipelago. The native Maori people called the tiny flowers Raupeka. Each flower is about the size of a dime (U.S. 10-cent coin). My wife and I found the flower while exploring the small Ulva Island near Steward Island.

Blodgit Flower

Beauty is found all around us. This is a flower on a large, stalky weed and yet I think it is gorgeous. I found it near the summit of Blodgit Peak in Colorado Springs. These kinds of weeds were just about the only things living on this small section of trail where the Waldo Canyon fire burned through…