Thanksgiving Berries

Tomorrow is a national holiday in the States—a national celebration of Thanksgiving. This image makes me think of the colorful atmosphere of the holiday, even though I took it in Hong Kong and I am fairly certain these berries aren’t something that should be consumed. Thanksgiving is a celebration of different people coming together to rejoice and…

Beauty Remains

I found this dead fern stem amongst the dense multitude of living ferns in the Catlins Forest of New Zealand. My wife and I came across this particular ill-fated plant while hiking back from the Purakaunui Falls. The hike is a short one, but it is through a uniquely situated rainforest. Most rainforests are located in…

Gaze Beyond

I love looking deeper at the things of this world we usually take for granted and pass by so quickly. This is a close-up look at the seeds of a Salsify plant or what is sometimes better known as the Giant Dandelion. The intricate nature of these parachute-like seeds is both form and function at…

Orange Fairy Cup

This vibrant fungi is the Aleuria aurantia, more commonly known as the Orange Fairy Cup or Orange Peel. I found it along the Routeburn Trail in New Zealand.

Micro Spikes

Don’t ask me what these things are, because I don’t know. I found them growing on a local trail here in Colorado. They are very spiky looking, almost like the hook side of velcro at the micro level. Just another example of the intricacies of nature that human’s often miss in our busy lives.

Beautiful Alergin

I am allergic to almost every type of pollen and dander, but the beauty of plants and animals is worth the sneezing fits that they can often bring on. Give me the great outdoors any day. This is a closeup look at some of those tiny pollen makers.

Zhangjiajie Undergrowth

This is a look at the thick undergrowth of the mythical looking landscape of Zhangjiajie National Park in China. It’s the rock formations that draw people to this unique environment, but the same water that has slowly carved the rocky pinnacles also has given rise to a diverse jungle.

Dandelion Sphere

This is a close-up look of the tightly woven sphere structure of a dandelion ball. I’m always amazed how micro photography is able to reveal a world that is in our everyday lives, but that we never truly see.

Tianmen Leaf

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, but as I am not scheduled to do a post tomorrow I thought I would take the opportunity to post something today. Happy New Year’s Eve China! I took the picture of these intricate vine leaves while exploring Tianmen Mountain in China. The vine was winding its way up…

Icy Enclosure

Ice storms are destructive forces of nature, but along with the inconvenience and pain comes great beauty. There is something so mesmerizing and perfect about these red leaves encased in ice. They seem as if they would last forever this way, very much like a glass leaf. I took this image the morning after a rather…

Inside A Dandelion

Macro photography produces some of my favorite images. It has the ability to show us the infinitesimal world. This is a close up look at the seeds of a Dandelion ball. They don’t really look like they are connected, but somehow the ball holds together until the wind blows hard enough to take the seeds away. In…

Corn Lily

This is a high alpine Corn Lily plant. While it does tend to resemble a corn plant it isn’t related. These plants tend to grow in large, tight communities and can cover an entire mountain side in lush green.