Fall Road

Have I mentioned that autumn is my favorite time of year?!?! Well, it is and there’s no better place on the planet to see the colors change than amongst Colorado’s Quaking Aspen trees. This image is from a few years back along a no name road near Buena Vista, Colorado. There are few things as tranquil…

Devil’s Twins

The hike over the Devil’s Causeway in Colorado is an awesome experience if you have a high tolerance for walking along the top of sheer cliffs. I found these two very eerie looking dead trees standing in the midst of the rocky path on the way around the causeway’s trail.

Black Rainbow

My wife and I were camping on the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park when a short rain storm passed through and left us with this partial double rainbow. I like that the twisted broken Juniper tree fills out the foreground in the image. The North Rim is secluded and…

Burnt and Broken

Forest fires are a renewing necessity in nature. This is a close up look at the charred remains of a tree’s bark. The trunk was left burnt and broken after the 2012 Fern Lake Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park. The tree will fall within the next few years and help to fertilize the ground for…

Entangled Moon

A desert juniper tree appears to entangle the moon in its web-like branches. My wife and I found this tree late in the day while hiking the Petroglyph Point Trail in Mesa Verde National Park. The park doesn’t have many good hiking trails, but we both enjoyed the varied terrain that this trail had to offer.