Filipino Fishing

The Banka, a type of Filipino fishing vessel, also known as a pump boat, is seen all over the Philippines. Pump boats are made up of a central hull, like a canoe with outriggers on both sides. I came across this colorful fishing boat while taking a ferry boat from Cebu Island to Bantayan Island. Its cluttered deck and rusted…

Modern Mule

This is what is known as a “lock mule” on the causeway of one of the Panama Canal’s locks. These devices are tied to the ship on both sides as it approaches the lock and guides the heavy behemoths through the set of locks via rails. They are really electric locomotives that pull the ships forward…

Martinique Canal

The small Caribbean Island of Martinique is home to both natural beauty and devastation. This picturesque canal, lined with colorful housing and boats, is a good example of urban beauty found in an amazing place with a history of natural disasters.

Labor Day Lift Off

Happy Labor Day everyone! The balloon festival, now known as the Labor Day Lift Off, has been taking place in Colorado Springs for the past 39 years. This year’s festival features more than 60 balloons. It is a sight to see all these colorful balloons take off and fill the early morning sky.

Sailing Martinique

I have written before on the appeal of setting out and sailing on the open ocean. Seeing this sailboat off the picturesque coast of the Caribbean Island of Martinique only strengthens that desire to throw off the modern world and let the wind take me wherever it blows. 


In medical trauma crisis situations, seconds can mean lives. Helicopters can land almost anywhere and fly in straight lines instead of having to stick to congested, winding streets like traditional ambulances making them the ideal vehicle in a critical medical emergency. This particular Life Flight was used to get a cyclist that had lost control and…