Icy Brook

This is the Icy Brook Creek in Rocky Mountain National Park. I love this section of the trail that takes you up to Lake of Glass and Sky Pond. I took this photo in late June, still plenty of snow left on the path up. By now it probably has lots of snow back on…

Motion of Lost Water

I love the way that long exposures can capture motion. The way the water of the Big Thompson River moves through the Rocky Mountain National Park forest looks like a seamless sheet of glass flowing through the remote wilderness. I took this along the Lost Lake Trail.

Glacier Creek

This is the beautiful Glacier Creek in Rocky Mountain National Park. The water starts high in the mountains and pools in Frozen Lake before winding its way down to this point, about halfway between Mills Lake and Alberta Falls. The Glacier Gorge Trail parallels much of this picturesque creek.

Beautiful Basin

This is the remote Lower Ice Lake Basin in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This is my favorite backcountry camping spot… so far. My wife and I camped about 50′ from where I took this photo. You see one waterfall coming down from Ice Lake, but there are four other waterfalls that all come off…