Mankind is the dominate species and ordained to tame this world. Through our intelligence, ingenuity, and sheer will we have erected monuments and engineered marvels that have changed the world and moved the human race forward. Sometimes, our hubris costs lives or causes species to go extinct, but often our better nature course-corrects and greatness follows.

I am a huge history buff, but find it very difficult to define solid subcategories for man’s achievements. Therefore, I have given a brief description of how I see the subcategories I have created. Please select one of the subcategories below to see some of my favorite shots of life and man’s/woman’s creations.

Humanity – Life, Death… the human condition.

Ancient Structures – Man made structures from antiquity.

Historic Structures – Man made structures that have achieved historic value, but were created in the last few hundred years.

Other Creations – Man made objects and structures that have not yet achieved significant historical value.

Land Transit – Trains, automobiles, roads and other forms or modern land transportation.

Air & Water Transit – Airplanes, Boats, Helicopters, and other forms or modern air and water transportation.

Pathways – Walking Paths and Stairs.

Paint & Drawings – Paintings, Drawings and other similar forms of artistic expression.

Statues & Reliefs – Statues, Monuments, and Carved Reliefs


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