North Shore Sunset

Another summer day and another post about a far-flung Caribbean Island…. Maybe I am projecting towards where I want to be right now. I took this sunset photo on Jamaica’s North Shore about half way between Montego Bay and Falmouth. There is a little restaurant here and not much else. It is really only a kitchen with…

Sunset on Open Water

A beautiful view of the setting sun to close out the day after a full day of exploring the tiny Caribbean island of Martinique. I’m not a huge fan of cruises because I’d much rather spend more time at the destinations engrossing myself in the culture. Fourteen hours in a place is hardly enough time…

Cliff Dweller

This iguana might be the most social creature my wife and I have ever come across in our travels. We were exploring the Castillo de San Cristobal in Puerto Rico when we came across several iguanas milling around the fort. All the other lizards kept their distance from us when we tried to approach them, but…

St. Martin

The Caribbean is home to many island paradises. The Island of St. Martin is no exception. This is the Great Bay on the southern side of the island and the gateway to the Dutch capital of Philipsburg. You can barely see what is left of Fort Amsterdam beyond the bright red roofs. The small island, approximately 34 square…

Sunset at the Dock

A beautiful picture of the sun setting on the only dock at Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. This small dock can support huge cruise ships, but only two at a time.

Beach Beauty

This is a beautiful beach on the west side of the Jamaican island. This serene location is an idyllic Caribbean getaway.

Bay Of Urchins

My wife and I found this bay of Sea Urchins while we were driving along the northern coast of Jamaica. It isn’t exactly the type of place you want to go wading into the beautiful clear Caribbean water, but it does have a certain beauty just the same.

Simple Sunset

Something about sitting on a boat in a Jamaican bay watching the sunset seems to me a simple pleasure of the good life. This is a tiny tourist vessel, but give me that sailboat in the background and I think I could be satisfied for a few years. You know what they say, “The grass is…

Martinique Canal

The small Caribbean Island of Martinique is home to both natural beauty and devastation. This picturesque canal, lined with colorful housing and boats, is a good example of urban beauty found in an amazing place with a history of natural disasters.

Ocean Flower

I found these beautiful Yellow Allamanda flowers overlooking the clear blue Caribbean waters on the island of Martinique. The yellow really stands out against the blue ocean and sky.

Coloring the Sky

The Bahamas are home to many beautiful and indigenous flowers. This tree’s blooms are no exception. I took this in December, a time when much of the earth is covered in white. In the Bahamas, the trees have exploded in pink blooms that pop against the Caribbean’s rich blue sky. The color of all overshadowing…

Martinique Palm

There are over 3,000 species of palm trees in the world. I found this particular palm standing tall, growing out of the black volcanic sand on the Caribbean Island of Martinique.