Arches Flower

Arches National Park’s rock formations are beautiful and well known, but the few flowers that grow in this desert climate can be as equally stunning.

Arches Evening Primrose

It’s moments like these where you realize how many things we pass by so quickly in life. This Evening Primrose flower, albeit very pretty, probably wouldn’t have stood out in a field of flowers. But, place it in the desert, surrounded by gigantic rock structures, and the perspective changes. This delicate Evening Primrose gives a…

Yucca Stalk

From afar a Yucca plant doesn’t look all that interesting or inviting, but up close this plant holds many intricate secrets. The closer you get, the more you’ll discover about the beauty of this plant. Start with the long pointy leaves and notice the various shades of green and yellow and then how the shadows play…

Arches Juniper

I don’t know what it is about Juniper trees, but I think they are the coolest looking trees out there. They aren’t even close to being the biggest, but they are rugged and look the part. Junipers can seemingly survive in any environment. I have seen them gnarled and twisted, clinging onto wind-swept cliff faces and I’ve…

Desert Needles

These beautiful cactus flowers in Canyonlands National Park seem to grow in opposition to their spiny counterparts on a prickly pear cactus .

Desert Bunny

I found this little bunny hiding among the desert plants on the Devil’s Garden Primitive Trail in Arches National Park.

Desert Skin

Deserts are harsh environments that are often teaming with resilient life forms. This thick-skinned Juniper tree stands near the trail to Sand Arch in Arches National Park. The Park lies in the mist of the Colorado Plateau a large desert area that spans Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.