Arches Evening Primrose

It’s moments like these where you realize how many things we pass by so quickly in life. This Evening Primrose flower, albeit very pretty, probably wouldn’t have stood out in a field of flowers. But, place it in the desert, surrounded by gigantic rock structures, and the perspective changes. This delicate Evening Primrose gives a…

Ice Plant Flower

This beautiful flower is actually called the Ice Plant flower. So called not because they thrive in cold environments, but rather the way they shimmer like ice. They actually grow well in dry areas, making them perfect for adding color to rock gardens. I found this one in Pueblo, Colorado, which has a dry climate.

Jaio Dark Red

Guest blogger… my beautiful wife. The amount of time my husband spends taking flower photos is…extensive, but always worth the extra time as you can see from this photo of the Vinca, or “Jaio Dark Red.” Aperture, exposure, ISO and all the other things I don’t understand are perfectly adjusted on his camera while he crouches and…

Spider Lily

I found this Spider Lily lit up in the late afternoon light of the Royal Garden in Siem Reap, Cambodia. My wife and I had spent the day exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat and returned to our hotel. As our taxi driver dropped us off I noticed the beautiful garden located across the street…


Happy Chinese New Year! This breathtaking burst of color is a Peony flower. It’s considered by many of China’s citizens to be their national flower. At best, it’s an unofficial title as the People’s Republic of China has no official national flower. I found this nearly perfect bloom while exploring one of the islands near Hong Kong.