Sunset on Open Water

A beautiful view of the setting sun to close out the day after a full day of exploring the tiny Caribbean island of Martinique. I’m not a huge fan of cruises because I’d much rather spend more time at the destinations engrossing myself in the culture. Fourteen hours in a place is hardly enough time…

Martinique Canal

The small Caribbean Island of Martinique is home to both natural beauty and devastation. This picturesque canal, lined with colorful housing and boats, is a good example of urban beauty found in an amazing place with a history of natural disasters.

Sailing Martinique

I have written before on the appeal of setting out and sailing on the open ocean. Seeing this sailboat off the picturesque coast of the Caribbean Island of Martinique only strengthens that desire to throw off the modern world and let the wind take me wherever it blows. 

Black Sand

Deadly volcanic eruptions create gorgeous black beaches like this one. The way the blueish green Caribbean water pops against the black sand is amazing. This is the beauty that comes from disaster. This is the Martinique beach created by Pelée’s devastation.


This is the small town of Saint-Pierre, located on Martinique in the eastern Caribbean Sea. At the turn of the 20th century, Saint-Pierre was a thriving city known in Europe as the, “Paris of the West Indies.” It’s infamous volcano, Mount Pelée, lies hidden in the clouds on the left. On May 8th, 1902, Mount Pelée…