A Windy Total Solar Eclipse

Yesterday a large portion of the United States had the privilege of experiencing a total solar eclipse. An event rarely experienced by so many. I had never been in an area during an eclipse that experienced the “totality” effect. Totality is when the moon completely and perfectly blots out the sun. Jennifer and I made…

Entangled Moon

A desert juniper tree appears to entangle the moon in its web-like branches. My wife and I found this tree late in the day while hiking the Petroglyph Point Trail in Mesa Verde National Park. The park doesn’t have many good hiking trails, but we both enjoyed the varied terrain that this trail had to offer.

Midnight Moon

This is the moon’s reflection streaking across the ocean surface as it reaches the sandy shore of Panama City Beach, Florida. This is another great example of a moment that is captured beyond what we are capable of seeing. A camera is able to “see” the world in a different way than our eyes. Is it real? Is anything we…

Rocky Moon

The moon rises over this rocky peak on an August night in Rocky Mountain National Park.